Woodswoman Walking is a work in its beginnings.  I plan to walk the Camino de Santiago in the Fall of 2013, and want to track my thoughts and actions while I prepare for this 800 km. adventure across the northern coast of Spain.

So be patient while I learn my way around WordPress, fiddle with the appearance of this site, and begin to post my preparations.

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  1. Mary A says:

    Interesting posts. I wish you the best, Joannah, as I follow along.

  2. C4 says:

    I just posted in response to yours on the Camino website. I live in upstate NY, and have visited that area of Vermont where you are currently visiting. Do you live in New England? It sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of walking. Me, not as much, but I’m working on it, building up by degrees. I just starting walking with a backpack, but I’m not sure I have the right one. I will be visiting Eastern Mountain Sports in Poughkeepsie to get more advice. I was wondering about bedbugs, so your plan to spray your sleeping bag liner sounds good to me! You will be starting the Camino before me, but I am jumping on at Sarria on Sept. 29. Taking on a one week walk feels like the biggest thing I’ve attempted in a long time, but I have a new life to begin, starting now! I’ll try to keep track of how you’re doing and look for you on the road.

    • Woodswoman says:

      Yes, I was in Vermont, now formally my primary residence, though I am still in Colorado teaching, etc. I left Vermont to drive back to Colorado on August 9, and am doing the final Camino sorting and packing at this point.

      Yes, a well-fitting pack is crucial, and if you don’t find a person at EMS who knows what that means, you are in the wrong place. Surely there will be someone. I tried on packs for several weeks before my REI pack guru, Chad, was happy with the way the Gregory Sage 55L pack fit. I tried Osprey, REI, Deuter, and others, but for me, the Gregory brand fit best. I hope you get a good EMS person to help you.

      With my September 1 start date, I doubt I’ll be in Sarria by the time you are there . . . and I’m going to Finisterre and Muxia after my first approach to Santiago, so I’ll do that ocean triangle and come back again to Santiago de Compostela. Glad you are following me (or are you? Maybe not), and I’m looking forward to writing, as well as walking, my way through.

  3. Kristine says:

    My friend is beginning his trip Sept.7. Interested in your comments, he won’t be posting regularly.

  4. MIke Lindstrom says:

    I agree, you still don’t want to bring fountain pens for weight and high potential excitement, but Noodler’s anti-fraud ink would be a good option. It’s very water soluble. A half second splash in running water rinses my nibs completely. When it hits cellulose based paper it stays put.. Depending on the color, it will bleed a bit if it gets wet, but the writing is absolutely permanent. Also ruins cotton shirts. My dad’s got a bottle it you want to try it. If he’s out, I’ll leave one with him next time I’m in town.

  5. Good Morning,
    I learned about your adventure through the JTTS community.
    I have mentioned you in my post today -kathiostrom.com/2013/08/24/an-award-and-a-happy-anniversary – if you’d like to take a look. Have a great day!

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