The Written Map – Town by Town, Day By Day – The Second Fifteen Days

The month has flown by, and map readers want to know . . . apparently.  My journal trackings for each day also help me tremendously.  I encounter fellow walkers regularly who say, “Now wait, where did we sleep last night?  What town?  And about the other day . . . in what town was that old church tower bell?”  (Well, that last question’s answer seems to be that the old church tower bell is in EVERY town.)

If I am not delayed tremendously by the rain that has finally arrived, I should be in Santiago de Compostela after the next fifteen days.  Then on to Finisterre and the Atlantic Ocean!

So here we go:

Day 16 – Villafranca de Montes de Oca – Burgos by bus – 11.2 km walking around town.

Day 17 – Burgos – another day in the city – 8.3 km around town.

Day 18 – Burgos – Villalbella de Brugos – Tardajos – Rabé de las Calzada.  15 km.

Day 19 – Rabé de las Calzada – Hornillos – San Bol – Hontanas.  20 km.

Day 20 – Hontanes – Castrojeriz – Itero del Castillo – Itero de la Vega. 16km.  A  l-o-n-g, steep hill today.

Day 21 – Itero de la Vega – Boadilla – Fromista. 17 km.

Day 22 – Fromista – Poblacion de Campos – Villarmentaro de Campos – Villacarjar – de Sirga – Carrion de los Condes. 20 km.

Day 23 – Carrion de los Condes – Calzadilla de la Cueza.  17.1 km. with not a thing in between.  No fountain, no town, horrid “picnic areas”. See the The Meseta’s Plan for Me – Part One post.

Day 24 – Calzadilla de la Cueza – Ledigos – Terradillos de los Templarios – Moratinos – San Nichola – Sahagun. 23 km.

Day 25 – Sahagun – Hermanillos de la Calzada.  14 km.  Again, not a thing in sight but dirt and wheat and weeds and sky.

Day 26 – Hermanillos – Mansilla.  24.5 km.  Nothing between.

Day 27 – Mansilla – Leon by bus with many other trekkers (18.6 km).  8 km. walking around Leon.

Day 28 – Leon – rest day.

Day 29 – Leon – La Virgen de Camino – Fresno del Camino – Oicina – Choza – Mazarife – Villavente – Hospital del Orbigo.  30 km. (I probably won’t do that again.)

Day 30 – Hospital del Origos – Santibañez – Cantina – San Justo de la Vega – Astorga –  Murias de Rechivalda.  22 km.

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Writer, educator, psychotherapist, woodswoman. Crave solitude and just walked the Camino de Santiago from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. Long-term partner, Neil. Three grown kids, one traveling the world for a couple of years (see, and two in other countries . . . Thailand and Texas! One Golden Retrievers and two cats. Avid reader, looking for 10 more hours in each of my days.
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  1. Marilyn Milhous says:

    Really enjoying following your “Way”. I’ve ordered Brierley from interlibrary loan so I can look at that too.

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