The Written Map – Town by Town, Day By Day – The Third Fifteen Days

NOTE:  My most recent post about Leon didn’t get into Facebook without “hand-delivering” it.  And I notice it didn’t come to my e-mail address either, where I am my own “follower” so I can check on these things.  So if you are a “follower” and didn’t get the “48 Hours in Leon” notice on your e-mail, please check in with the website itself.  I hope the problem will be solved with this current Map Post.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013.  Well, as I sing with my iPod . . . “Step by step . . . one by one. . . ” and I’m not climbing Jacob’s Ladder, I am walking . . . the Camino de Santiago, still walking across a country.  The intense walking will end with this segment.

Day 31 – Murias de Rechivalda – Santa Catalina de Somoza – El Ganso (complete with Cowboy Bar!) – Rabanal del Camino – Foncebadon.  22 km.

Day 32 – Foncebadon – Cruz de Ferro (where a peregrino throws a stone with intention) – Manjarin (population 1) – Acebo – Reigo de Ambros – Molinaseca.  22.4 km.

Day 33 – Molinaseca – Ponferrada – Compostilla – Columbrianos – Fuentes Nuevas – Camponaraya – Cacabelos.  25 km. with all the town walking.

Day 34 – Cacabelos – Villafranca del Bierzo – Trabedelo – Vega de Valcarce.  21.2 km.  Last 4 km. by cab in the torrential rain.

Day 35 – Vega de Valcarce – Ruitelan – Herrerias – La Faba – O’Cebreiro.  14 km. uphill.

Day 36 – O’Cebreiro – Liñares – Hospidal de la Condesa – Fonfria – Biduedo – Triacastela.  22.4 km.

Day 37 – Triacastela – Rest day for my shin splints.

Day 38 – Triacastela – San Xil – Montan – Furela – Calvor – Aguiada – San Mamed – Sarria – Barbadelo.  22.4 km.

Day 39 – Barbadelo – Morgade – Ferrerio – Mercadoiro – Vilcha’ – Portomarin.  19.2 km.

Day 40 -Portomarin – Toxibo – Gonzar – Castromaior – Hospital – Ventas de Naron – Perrere – Lameiros – Ligonde – Eirexe – Portos – Valos – Mamurria – Brea – Rosario – Palas de Rei.  25 km.

Day 41 – – Palas de Rei – Carballa – San Xulian – Mato-Casanova – Cornixa – Lobreiro – Disicabo – Furelos – Melide – Carballa (again?) – Ponte de Penas – Raido – Boente – Castañeda.  22.8 km.

Day 42 – Castañeda – Portela – Ribadiso – Arzua – As Barrosas – Raido – Cortobe – Pereiriña – A Calzada – A Calle – O Outeiro – Boavista – Salceda – Oxen – Ras – O Emplame – Brea – Santa Irene.  22 km.

Day 43 – Santa Irene – Arco O Pino (Pedrouzo) – San Anton – Amenal – San Payo – Lavacolla – Vilamaior – San Marcos – Monte del Gozo – San Lazaro – Santiago de Compostela.  22.8 km.

Not quite there yet, but at THIS point, it isn't raining, let alone pouring!  And I like the stone sculpture.

Not quite there yet, but at THIS point, it isn’t raining, let alone pouring! And I like the stone sculpture.

Day 44 – Santiago de Compostela – Saying goodbye to familiar faces, attending the Pilgrim’s Mass at noon.  Eating.  Wandering.  Discussing the strangeness of being here.

Day 45 – Santiago de Compostela – Finisterre.  This was going to be a five-day walk, but since it will rain (90%) all week, we took the bus.   Staying in Finisterre tonight.  The bus route is very different from the walking route, so I’ll just be fair and put the bus cities.  Ria and I threw up numerous times on the bus, during this winding 3-hour ride so we would rather have spent five days walking!
Santiago – Noia – Outes – Muros – Carota – Cee – Finisterre (the end of the world!)

In 14 days I will be back in Colorado, after returning to Santiago for a few days of retreat at a (ha) Seminario Maior, a wonderful place that offers rooms and no religious agenda.  I will attempt to finish my scraps of web posts there.

Then to Portugal, I think, until my flight on the 29th.  Porto, the Algarve, and Lisbon.

About Woodswoman

Writer, educator, psychotherapist, woodswoman. Crave solitude and just walked the Camino de Santiago from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. Long-term partner, Neil. Three grown kids, one traveling the world for a couple of years (see, and two in other countries . . . Thailand and Texas! One Golden Retrievers and two cats. Avid reader, looking for 10 more hours in each of my days.
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11 Responses to The Written Map – Town by Town, Day By Day – The Third Fifteen Days

  1. Karen Little says:

    Congratulations, Joannah, on completing your Camino walk. I am thrilled for you. What an accomplishment! You are a strong and resilient woman to have walked through the aftermath of that nasty fall in Sahagun, the shin splints, the knee pain, and all those uphills! I loved the photo on this post. You look fabulous and your smile from ear to ear is infectious.

    I have so enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to reading more!


  2. Jerri Chaplin says:

    congrsts from nyc.great job. be sure to resd that david whyte poem finisterre. look forwaard to reading more soon. will write more later-off to tske s bite of the big apple(altho we were here 2 days ago) Very proud of,jerri

    Sent from my iPad


  3. mary ann fox says:

    It doesnt seem fair to sit down to read your adventure. Your recap at the retreat center will be special. Yet, bear in mind that even with your way with words, we know you will reach to convey some of what this has meant to you, we know that we will be satisfied with the words you write. Be gentle with yourself. The sights. The people. The tastes and smells. The blisters………will be yours and add up to so much more for you.

  4. Wow! So sorry about the shin splints…but looking at these huge numbers of kms every day it is no wonder. To say congratulations is so meager. So many miles, so many each day. Never doubted you would/could do it. Hearty congratulations.

  5. judy vandegrift says:

    Great picture!! You look fabulous!!! What an accomplishment!!!! Glen says, “Go Girl!!”

  6. I love this photo–you are radiating just how much you are doing exactly what you want to do, despite the hardships. Clearly you are inspiring a lot of us since I see you have more than 500 followers on this blog. May the rest of your journey be gratifying.


  7. Patti G says:

    Obviously there is much good from this adventure – you look and sound fabulous. There will be many stories to share for many years ahead!

  8. viviana says:

    I’m very happy you finally reached Santiago and I see you look so happy! BRAVA! I read your blog daily and it gives the sense of your journey, day by day and when you are nearly to come back you feel very proud. A big hug, Viviana

  9. viviana says:

    Hello Joannah, very happy you reached Santiago, great. You look so happy! I read daily your posts and they give the sense of a long wonderful experience, BRAVA! A big hug from Viviana

  10. Graham Thompson says:

    Hi Joannah , we met on your day 34 travels briefly at a pm refreshment stop at a village called Pereje just after Villafranca del Bierzo,,we stayed the night at the auberge there and I believe you carried further on .So glad you archived the complete walk to Santiago and beyond .As promised I have kept up to date with your progress via your business card we too finished on the 12 October in Santiago having started on the 06 September in st jean It’s great to relive the route thro your blog. Regards Graham Thompson

  11. Woodswoman says:

    Dear Graham:

    I remember, you and John, I think. And I can remember that more easily than some other names, because I knew a poetry therapy pediatrician named John Graham-Poole. When I met the two of you, I remembered that other name, and thought . . . “well, there’s a memory link!”

    So happy you signed on and let me know you’re reading. I’m in Portugal at the moment, and it looks like another week of rain. I’m still not quite finished with my posts, but I think I have about a half dozen left.

    Glad to have met you.


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