Boots, socks, training . . .

REI has become my second home.  I began in January, just lurking around the clearance room, hoping to grab a few great buys on shirts, shorts, fleece, things that will dry in half a day and are lightweight.  I tried on several pairs of boots, all to no avail.

One Saturday, I wandered over to the back pack section and found Chad.  He is my backpack fitter-guru-supreme, apparently, though we didn’t yet find a backpack whose fit on my body made Chad happy.  Oh, well, I’ve got 18 months, I thought.  We’ll get there.

Back to the boots section the next weekend, after more backpack trials, as I walked around the store with 25 lbs in the pack. After the purchase of Asolo boots, silk liners, SmartWool socks, I called it a day.

Now, I think, it would be helpful if I’d just start walking.

About Woodswoman

Writer, educator, psychotherapist, woodswoman. Crave solitude and just walked the Camino de Santiago from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela. Long-term partner, Neil. Three grown kids, one traveling the world for a couple of years (see, and two in other countries . . . Thailand and Texas! One Golden Retrievers and two cats. Avid reader, looking for 10 more hours in each of my days.
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